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Kristina Records, The Cause, Down Lane Studios, Ashley House, Ashley Road, London N17 9LZ

I do my best to be open during the hours below but sometime i am either closed or out temporarily so whenever possible it’s always advisable to check I’m here and let me know your coming either on the day or in advance.  It’s also advisable to follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on opening times as well as news and stock arrivals!

I am also more than happy to help accommodate anyone outside of hours below where i can – please get in touch and arrangements can be made to open up.

Opening Hours:

Mon: Closed (Appointments Available)

Tuesday: 1pm -7pm

Wednesday: 1pm – 7pm

Thursday: 1pm – 7pm

Friday: 1pm – 7pm

Saturday: 1pm – 6pm

Sunday: Closed (Appointments Available)