Fragments Of Loneliness
Fragments Of Loneliness
XCPT Music
Format: 12"

Price: £11.00

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XCPT Music rises from underground electronic music event series taking place in the suburbs of Matera, South Italy, as mature development deeply rooted and inspired by the UK 90's scene. It kicks off with label's manager and co-owner Nothus first release, 'Fragments Of Loneliness', a 12" limited press coming out in the end of September. His first release illustrates a mixture of breaking beats, jungle vibes and Detroit soul textures, coexisting in balance in all the tracks with a special broken beat reshape made by Italian artist Andrea (Ilian Tape), one of the most interesting newcomer of European techno scene. Label artworks represent specific corners of the beautiful Matera city, recently rewarded as European Capital of Culture 2019, and cradle of the label sound.