Vakum 004
Various Artists
Vakum 004
Format: 12"

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A1 Nubian Mindz - Deep In Raves:
Well known for his versatile and rich production, Colin delivers once more. With a quite suitable name - Deep In Raves is just that. A deep plunge into dark and rave-like atmosphere. After a short intro layered with an ominous voice, massive bassline takes over and drives the track through the darkest curves. Enriched with short percussions and a synth stab this is quite a stomper best experienced on a good club soundsystem, preferably in the dark.

A2 Volster - Nebula:
Almost obsessed with audio purity, Volster manages to combine new and modern sounds with old-school genre roots. Nebula is all about complexity. Although it is based on an electro foundations, it's so much more. Space filled with an oscillatory synth motion perplexed with smooth pads that gives the impression of an interstellar properties. No detail is left unengaged, from the 808 that keeps everything in motion to the subtle amount of panning. This is a beautifully crafted story by a producer who is slowly but steadily growing into one of the best Croatian artists.

B1 Lucretio - Dracula:
The most famed beard of Cadoneghe/Italy has pulled another magic gem from his music source. Widely known for his relentless tendency to push the analogue spectrum to it's extreme, Lucretio surprises once more with his ability to blend simple pieces into an effective sub storm with almost comic like features. Dracula is not your conventional tune and it's pretty obvious why as soon as you put the needle on. Broke down rhythm is heavily fueled by polished but enormous sub background with sparse and ¥in your face¥ shots. Seemingly random notes take a gloomy and powerful form during the break and soon the lurky atmosphere comes into picture. This is truly brilliance in it's full simplicity. If only Bram Stoker could hear this, he would probably be both stunned and amused!

B2 James Booth - Jxst Do It:
One of our goals on Vakum is to be on a lookout for a new and promising talents. Berlin based James Booth surely fits the bill. Jxst Do It is a seriously crafted track with rich rhythmic section wrapped in a steady build up. After the initial break-beat intro sliced in short chunks, subtle 303 bassline takes over and the rhythmic game begins. Booth delivers a perfectly timed cuts accompanied by a diverse palette of percussions. This is a perfect piece for those build up moments in the club..