Knobs & Switches Ep
Knobs & Switches Ep
R-Time Records
Format: 12"

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Originally released on Anthony Shakir?s Frictional Recordings in ?97, FBK?s ?Knobs & Switches? is set to drop on Rekids? newly launched re-issue label R-Time Records. Since his debut FBK has had a prolific career spanning a number of decades, releasing on Rekids, Barba Records, and the now defunct diametric. This release follows on from the Sir Lord Comixx re-issue, giving classic tracks the acknowledgement they didn?t initially get first time round. The release starts with the robust kicks and stuttering hats of ?Rollin? On 6/4? as murky notes make their way into the mix, making way for the sci-fi inspired synths and infectious claps of ?Reservations & Misgivings?. Packed with fast paced drums, ?Feedback? employs a sultry bassline and euphoric harmonies until skipping percussion and echoing effects conclude the package in ?The Tet Offensive?.