Agile Experiments Vol. 1
Dave De Rose
Agile Experiments Vol. 1
Private Pressing
Format: LP

Price: £16.00

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    A contextual introduction to “Agile Experiments”

    At the beginning of 2015 I approached Victor Greetham at The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria about programming a series of concerts at his spot in Brixton Village, an open air marketplace in the heart of Brixton (London, UK).

    The premise being that I would bring a selection of great, strictly one hour long concerts every Thursday night, some of which would be completely improvised free form music. These performances came to be named “Agile Experiments”, paying homage to Victor & his venue for allowing us to expose the market's passing trade audiences to something they may well have never had an opportunity to hear before or ever again for that matter.

    We implemented two simple rules for the performances:
    1. We wouldn't discuss or plan anything around what we were going to play.
    2. We would play for an hour straight with no breaks.

    After a year of concerts in the market place, I organised 8 one hour long recording sessions in a studio with 8 different combinations of musicians I had had the honor of performing with over this period and we applied the same rules as we did for the live performances in order to document these happenings.

    Two further years down the line, after sitting on these recordings trying to find a way for them to be heard, I am extremely pleased to announce a sequential release of two limited edition vinyls featuring 12 extracts from these raw & unpredictable performances.

    I hope that you will truly enjoy these minutes of off-the-cuff cooperative creativity.

    In good faith and love for people and music,

    Dave De Rose


    released April 16, 2018

    Dave De Rose (Drums on all tracks)

    John Edwards (Double Bass)
    Dan Nicholls (Synthesizers/Electronics)

    Rory Simmons (Trumpet/Electronics)
    George Crowley (Saxophone/FX)

    Dan Nicholls (Synthesizers)
    Karl Vanden Bossche (Percussion)

    Tom Challenger (Saxophone)
    Colin Somervell (Double Bass)

    Sam Crowe (Rhodes/Synthesizer/FX)
    “Level”Nevile Malcolm (Bass)

    Dario Rossetti-Bonell (Guitar/FX)