Antwerp Bio Techno 1989-94 EP 2
Various Artists
Antwerp Bio Techno 1989-94 EP 2
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Format: 12"

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Late eighties, early nineties. A back-alley studio in Antwerp where New Beat and Detroit techno lingered. Trance was still in the house. Electronic body and mind music, fuelled by common sense and primitive artificial intelligence.

There was a Buzz about Wonka. Elektrons revolving around Atom. Humanity firmly on the Mappa Mundi. Labels and sub labels, one-off projects and alter egos, unsung heroes and soon-to-be stars. Laurent Garnier pushing Ludovic Navarre to pass on his tapes. All-night light from Koenie’s basement. Sven Van Hees entangled in Liaisons Dangereuses. Jan Van Den Bergh before lounge. Jan Vanneste spreading the News. Jan Berquin and Nicolas Rosquin going quadratic.

USA Import was ready to export its own music. Antwerp bio techno. Homegrown and uncut. These tracks are evergreens from that place and time.