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LumièresLaNuit is glad to welcome back French Berlin-based music producer and live performer Roisner. One year after his Piano Roll EP (LLN003) that was released on the occasion of LumièresLaNuit's I anniversary, Roisner delivers this time a more dance floor- driven EP while keeping some basic components that make his Piano Roll release so poignant and touching.

On the A side, Interstellar is a collaboration between Roisner and the French artist Sibéri. Interstellar is a journey that starts as an invitation into a meditation state of mind, then slowly the rhythm takeover the pad, the kick and an other layer of percussions bring you "back to earth".
Then, the B-side opens with Comet that proposes here a more dance floor mood with strong linear rhythms and dreamy melodies. The gripping sub-bass line is the result of experimenting a patch of the modular system. Finally, the EP concludes with Shooting Star, a rather mind-blowing and rocking song with a soft melody. Shooting Star remembers us directly of Roisner's Piano Rool, a poignant and gut-wrenching track.