Dawn Of City Lights
Ground Tactics
Dawn Of City Lights
Format: 2xLP

Price: £20.00

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Ground Tactics is devoted to reaching new music horizons and emotions through an experiment including structures and harmonies. This experiment occasionally results in contrasts and uncommon pathways as demonstrated in his Dawn Of City Lights LP.

On the A-side, Thou Shalt is an early experiment which reflects a state of concentration that attracts the mind to our senses. In 145 175 C6, the contrast between the rhythm and the synthesizer creates a conflict of calm curiosity and stress. Eventually the rhythm is absorbed.

The B-side, 21 Gr. represents the weight of the soul and was recorded in one take during an empowering studio session. On the other end Personal Behavior tells a story about the unconscious that drives towards the conscious, interest.

On the C-side, Burning Moon refers to a full moon night: the fire burns, the wood crackles and the magic of the night unfolds to the listener. On another note, At that moment announces a near and apprehended threat, perceived in a different light and characterized by fun and love.

On the D-side, Timesplit blurs out our perception of time, yet movement remains and is translated with mystery and passion. Finally the exploration leads to an open transcending sound field. Ground Tactics' LP closes with Dawn Of City Lights and invites the listener’s curiosity in the unknown to unlock an infinity of wonders.