Various Artists
Live Jam Records
Format: 12"

Price: £11.00

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LiveJam Records is proud and excited to announce the release of its 6th instalment. Five years have past since the last release and despite the label’s long period of "inactivity", its main characters’ productions have been consistently appearing in affiliated outlets such as Relative, Warm Sounds, Experiential Learning, Appointment and Sperimentazioni Sonore.

2015 marks the year of the long awaited comeback seeing founder EMG delivering LiveJam’s peculiar sound along with label co-owner John Swing. Lucretio and Marieu's undercover touch, in collaboration with EMG, is also present in this dynamitic 12".

“Awareness” is a four track EP designed for the dance floor: a blend of analogue-cut house and techno surefire party tracks permeated with soulful vocals and that characteristic raw feeling.  Limited hand numbered