Round Trip
Ian Blevins
Round Trip
Futureboogie Recordings
Format: 12"

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Having already earned his Balearic stripes some time ago, as one of the resident DJs at We Love.... At Space in Ibiza, Ian Blevins has since relocated to Berlin, and has been immersing himself in the esoteric vibes of the city. On the
strength of his latest EP on Futureboogie, this is clearly a good thing, as the ‘Round Trip’ EP is laden with the deep magical vibes that have also shaped his recent releases on labels like Banoffe Pies, Not An Animal Records, Blind Jacks Journey and ESP Institute.

On ‘Round Trip’, an abundance of driving, arpeggiated synthesizers weave around sparse yet sturdy drumbeats, as thick pads rise and fall in dramatic fashion. Panthera Krause (Permanent Vacation/Riotvan/Lobster Theremin)
is on board for the remix of ‘Round Trip’, re-shaping the original into a merry, space organ led, tribal dance; with a splash of garage house vibes that soon become immersed in its own synth heaven, it’s a cracking remix from the Leipzig based producer.

On ‘Roland’s Rat’, Blevins keeps things tight with soaring strings, organ stabs a strolling bassline for a quality jam, whilst ‘Can You Count My Dream?’ is a dense, and cinematic slab of transcendental dance, an almost claustrophobic atmosphere only intensifies the drama and delivers the heat that seals this superb EP from Blevins.