Pink Tango EP
Ponty Mython
Pink Tango EP
Futureboogie Recordings
Format: 12"

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Having carved out a reputation for some of the finest cosmic house productions on labels like Omena, Dirt Crew and Quintessentials, the Lithuanian based producer delivers three new cuts on this release, which comes ably backed by a remix from Italian producer Fabrizio Mammarella.

On the title track, Alex Pletnev (Ponty Mython), goes for breezy synths and wandering melodies over a chugging mechanical beat and an FM style bassline, whilst Fabrizio Mammarella (Bear Funk/Les Disques De La Mort) toughens things up slightly on his remix, plunging into a darker sound aesthetic for a great reinterpretation of the original.

On “Time Spiral” an unhurried groove is laced with layer upon layer of meditative synths and percussive rolls for a fat dose of eighties soundtrack vibes, whilst EP closer, “Appreciate It While It's Not Too Late”, settles down to a head-nodding pace with funky bass and key melodies and live drum samples for a real earworm of a track.