You Got Me Running
Colonel Abrams
You Got Me Running
Format: 12"

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A rough, rugged and raw set of Boyd Jarvis productions finally receive their first official airing on Echovolt. Legendary Colonel Abrams's vocal lines power through Yamaha CS-15 workouts with sprinkles of dub atop bounding drum-box workouts.

This fourth release in Echovolt growing re-issue catalog includes the bass heavy, passionate thumper "You Got Me Running", the much feted first draft of "Release the Tension", which only ever saw press as an alternate production - with different vocals - by a band named Circuit. And the previously unreleased, Peach Boys-esque, downtempo, surreal soul jam Celebrate as the cherry on top!

All tracks written by Boyd in Timmy Regisfords bedroom studio and recorded straight to cassette tape in the mid eighties.