Limited Series 05
Various Artists
Limited Series 05
Banoffee Pies
Format: 12"

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The 5th insert to the Banoffee Pies landmark foot fetish series drops as promised on BPLS005 with some pre summer goods. A journey hand tapered for your pleasure and appreciation.

As the label pushes towards the age of three, this compilation marks an important time and welcomes appearances from recent affiliate Jon Sable with a dip into future transport melodies featuring Kroba of the brilliant Archie Pelago, and Seb Wildblood’s Coconut Oil on the A side. The flip brings sample heavy Weird Love from Matt Saint Will and a drum theme from the talented Marenn Sukie. Tell closes up with a Beats inspired downtempo lounge mover.

Enjoy the sunshine and see you in September with brand new sounds. Stay tuned banana people. Music for prancing, love and dancing.