SB Releif
SB Releif
Format: 12"

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For its seventh release, AKU welcomes Molly with her debut solo EP, a sublime three tracker.
The French artist has established a sterling reputation with remixes on labels such as Rekids, Karlovak and All Inn but this is her very first collection of solo work. 'S.B Relief' finds a home on yoyaku's sublabel AKU.

Over on the A side, she comes with a slight different style, throwing down a rolling beat with some minimal glitch. A round and heavy bass drives the track along while a dubby synth adds character. One for the summertime heads, you can feel the ultraviolet rays beaming out of this one.
On the B Side, are two deep, sultry productions, with house tropes and minimal bleeps. Both cerebral, sensitive compositions, that kind of tracks that Molly skill fully threads into her DJ sets.