Conquered Nation
Octave One
Conquered Nation
_430 West
Format: 12"

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Detroit's Burden Bros have long been looked upon with immense respect within contemporary dance music. Having been in operation since 1990 with their 430 West imprint they have long encapsulated the forward thinking vibe of Detroit Techno with their output over the last 20+ years, gaining praise from their motor city peers as well as fans worldwide. Having had success in the mainstream and an enduring underground presence they are well versed in the art of music. 'Conquered nation', released on 430 West in 1995, contains some of the brothers' trademark driving, technoid grooves. One for the DJ's who buy 2 x copies, endless blends. As always the button labelled 'forward' is fully pressed, their tracks contain a raw type of energy that emanates from within, sounding amazing super LOUD and in the mix. This is that classic Detroit Techno sound, tracky, futuristic, weaponised burners that won't leave your bag. Essential purchase for the Techno lovers.

Re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released in conjunction with the Burden Brothers / 430 West Records, Detroit USA.