Max McFerren
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Max McFerren checks in for the third time (but first under his given name) on 1080p, taking risks and hittin’ on life over four tracks of weirded-out acid and funk-tinged elations on the “Sipps” 12”. Created in a time of complete uncertainty about the future in NYC’s Chinatown, McFerren explores the purity of the break and acid ecologies, utilizing a “take me to your dealer” type of alien funk vocabulary in order to explore and push his own voice into a stranger place.

“Sipps” is a survey of sorts; synthesizing his previous MCFERRDOG tape frivolities and a more real life / real name club-based language with thoughts towards of figuring out what is the most “you” in your music are clearly audible; touching down to earth for the first time, trying to make friends, and learning about yourself in the process.